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Puma Trophy Live Stream 2021

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After Argentina joined The Rugby Championship in 2012, the Puma Trophy live stream introduced; named for Australia vs Argentina only. Within 12 games of the league’s format, Australia and Argentina will face each other 2 times & any of them winning both, earns Puma Trophy.

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Formerly, the league was the Tri-Nations Championship (of Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand). It later changed to The Rugby Championship with the addition of Argentina. In a total of 8 Puma Trophies so far, Australia is the dominating victor in all.

When Is Puma Trophy 2021 Live?

As Puma Trophy is a part of The Rugby Championship, you can enjoy the Trophy streams live once the league starts. Originally, scheduled to start on August 8, the COVID-19 pandemic saw calendar changes of the 2021 season from Nov. 7- Dec. 12, 2020.

For the 2021 Championship, like every year, 4 teams: Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand, play each team plays another team 2 times.

If 2 games of Australia vs Argentina completes in the midst of the season, winning one gets Puma Trophy as it doesn’t concern with the league’s end.

Where Can I Watch Australia vs Argentina Live Stream?

In The Rugby Championship 2021, Australia will play against Argentina on November 28 & December 12. You can enjoy Australia vs Argentina live stream on Fox Sports and ESPN Latin America.

How To Watch Puma Trophy Live Games on TV?

Surely, for all fans of Rugby spread worldwide, it’s really hard to access the Puma Trophy with in-stadium attendance. Well, you can now enjoy the live Rugby stream of the Puma Trophy at your home on the TV screen. Viewers can access the games live on their cable/satellite TV broadcasting on HD feed.

Moreover, viewers can enjoy TV streaming on their smart TVs as well. You will need to subscribe to Rugby games broadcasting channels Fox Sports (Australia), Sky Sports (New Zealand), ESPN (Argentina), and Supersport (South Africa).

In non-participating regions, you can watch Puma Trophy live on RugbyPass TV if you are in Asia; while for other regions, it depends on their broadcaster. For instance, in Canada, you can enjoy the HD stream of all The Rugby Championship games on TSN networks: TSN2 and TSN5.

Can I Enjoy Rugby Championship Puma Trophy Live In Mobile Streaming?

Already fed up paying bills of TV electric bills or don’t own a TV? Well, it’s barely a problem to watch the live stream of Puma Trophy as you can stream it live on mobile devices. First, you will need a streaming device with a good internet connection.

Thanks to mobile streaming services (apps), as you can access Rugby streams live with just a click of a subscription.

The UK-based app Sky Go offers HD quality coverage of Rugby games by Sky Sports. You can use the app on any iOS or Android device like mobile phones or tablets. One can use Sky Go services all over the UK region and in New Zealand too (in its own version).

Puma Trophy Live Stream
Puma Trophy live stream

Also, online streaming apps like Fox Sports and Supersport facilitate live games in Australia and South Africa. You can also use your mobile devices to stream Rugby games with the Roku app or Fire TV app (available in both Android & iOS versions). But, you first need to connect your smartphone or tablet with a Roku device or Firestick.

In some cases, you can’t access the aforementioned apps in your country. So, you can watch Rugby games live in your country’s broadcasting channel’s apps (if available). Along with Puma Trophy, fans can also enjoy Rugby Championship’s other titles within it, like Mandela Challenge Plate, Bledsoe Cup, and Freedom Cup.

How Do I Watch Puma Trophy Streams Live With Rugby Pass?

Fans in Asia are lucky to have access to many Rugby streams with Rugby Pass. Moreover, you can live stream Rugby Championship (included Puma Trophy) in many countries:

  • Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Austria
  • Asia: India, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, South Korea
  • Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia

Along with the Four Nations Championship (The Rugby Championship), you can watch live games of the Six Nations Championship, Gallagher Premiership, Guinness PRO14 & others.

With the Rugby Pass app, you can enjoy the Rugby games live on your mobile devices: Android (smartphones & tablets) or iOS (iPhones and iPad). Furthermore, the service supports streaming services with Chromecast and Apple TV too.

As for a fact, if one is trying to access the stream from Australia, the USA, and Canada, he/she can’t enjoy live games. But one can follow the live scores with RugbyPass Match Centre or its website.

Can I Watch Rugby Championship Trophies In Roku and Xbox?

Viewers living in the United States can enjoy the perks of streaming live Rugby streams of Puma Trophy on mobile devices, digital TV, or Roku/Xbox. For Rugby Championship broadcasting, ESPN holds exclusive rights in the USA, either on domestic TV channels or digital broadcasts.

If you are not willing to pay for the ESPN channel for TV streams, then you can go with WatchESPN apps for the online stream. The app allows you to broadcast games on smartphones, tablets, laptops/MAC books as well as on Smart TV.

Also, subscribers of online streaming TV channels like YouTube TV, fubo TV, and Sling TV can broadcast live games on TV (with HDMI port). But, it is requires streaming devices such as Roku, Xbox One, and Firestick. The US-based OTT service YouTube TV support Chromecast and Apple TV too; costs $64.99/month.

How Do I Enjoy Puma Trophy Live Stream In The UK?

Throughout the UK and Ireland, Sky Sports has streaming rights for TV & online broadcasting. Sky Sports NZ streams live games of the Puma Trophy in New Zealand. Its subscription allows you to watch the HD stream of every game in The Rugby Championship on the TV channel.

You can access the mobile streams online through its Sky Go app or Now TV Pass in New Zealand. Viewers can choose either to stream on their Android or iOS mobile phones. Sadly, the Sky app is yet to sign a deal with Smart TVs or devices like Roku and Firestick.

Radio listeners can follow the live scores of the Puma Trophy on BBC Radio 5.

Watch Puma Trophy Live In Australia

Since 2012, Fox Sports showcases every game of The Rugby Championship live stream, so automatically comes the Puma Trophy. Fox made a joint effort with Network Ten for TV broadcasting in 2013.

As Australia is one of the 2 participating teams in the Puma Trophy, you can catch its clash against Argentina for free with Network 10. It is a free-to-air broadcasting channel, so get your TV antenna ready to stream the live game on your TV screen.

If you are obsessed with mobile devices, then the Rugy streams got you covered. Aussie viewers can enjoy the games online on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops with Kayo Sports app. Kayo comes with a tier: $25 per month (Basic) and $35 per month (Premium package), both offering HD video quality.

Where Can I Enjoy Rugby Streams Of Puma Trophy In Argentina?

Fans of Rugby events surely won’t want to miss the Puma Trophy games (i.e, vs Australia). Not only the trophy game, anyone residing in Argentina can get access to all games of The Rugby Championship with ESPN Latin America.

Rugby Streams Broadcasters List




Nippon TV, NHK, J Sports

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Ran, Prosieben Maxx


RTE sport, Eir Sport 1, Eir Sport 2

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Sub Saharan Africa


United Kingdom

ITV, ITV4 and ITV Hub

United States

NBC sports Gold, NBC and Univision

How To Watch The Rugby Championship 2021 Free Streaming?

Fans are always fond of finding ways to watch free streaming of Rugby events. But the bitter truth that unable to access every game for free hits them hard. As Rugby streams are one of the most-watched sports events, demands are higher, so becomes the revenue with the subscription paid by customers.

So, simply speaking, barely any broadcasters will offer you live games without charging money, as it won’t earn them profit. However, free-to-air service such as Network Ten in Australia offers free access to live stream. Each free-to-air services broadcasters within its region only & also, not every country offers these services.

But, if you are seeking for free broadcast of the Puma Trophy & other Rugby Championship games, then you can find some online. However, such platforms provide unofficial streams, so viewers are to be vigilant with flooding ads & scams (in the worst case).

Can I Watch Rugby Championship Streams Free With Reddit?

No doubt that Reddit streams have a trademark for offering free streaming of Rugby events. You could just surf in the Rugby subreddit & search for free streaming links on its threads. However, with sports subreddit being ban in the past years, access to such streams is quite difficult nowadays.

Still, with deep research, you may get ideas for free streaming platforms or even links to watch the games live.

Can I Enjoy Puma Trophy Live Without Registration?

Yes, there are some streaming platforms online offering free access to live games & registration-free services. But among the crowd of websites that falsely claim ‘without registration’ streams, they are hard to find.

In addition to that, any free streaming site that doesn’t ask for registration tends to have less stability. Hence, they may not sustain long.

How To Watch Puma Trophy Live Stream Without Ads?

Although fans are always demanding the live stream of Rugby games without ads, the outcome is bare to their benefit. Commercials & ads displays play a vital role in the revenue of broadcasting platforms & streaming services. So these business tactics won’t allow you to watch Puma Trophy streams & other Rugby Championship games without ads.

Even if you are unable to overshadow the ads completely, you can still manage to watch live games with fewer ads. Streaming services charge you an extra sum for a Premium subscription, which prevents you from annoying ads jumping in.

Viewership in the live stream of Rugby events is higher than that of repeat broadcasts. It’s undeniable that every Rugby fans are willing to witness the live moments & hence the demand is more. So, for sponsors, live games are the best way to advertise themselves in national as well as in international markets.